Dr. Oz talks about his past-life regression.

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As part of his research for the show, Dr. Oz agreed to be past-life regressed. He admits the experience was intimidating for him. "I love when there's data. If there's information out there, I get my arms [around] it, and I'm really comfortable," he says. "When we go down this pike, I get really uncomfortable."

During his 60-minute session, Dr. Oz says he recalled a dream he had before he started kindergarten.

"In this dream, my father is taking me out by the hand to individual older men who are wearing these velvety gowns and they're wearing [fez hats]," he says. "They have these old parchments and scrolls and they're writing down things like my lessons, and he's taking me from place to place, and they're not joking around. They're very serious about what they're doing, and it just sort of seems to me that they're planning my life."

Dr. Oz says he then remembered starting school and being disappointed. "Then I ended up from there in this sort of ether. This space that many of my patients actually have described to me," he says. "I felt like there was a stream of people going past me, but they were energy. They didn't have faces. They were trying to teach me, but I wasn't ready to hear it yet."
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