Leon recalls witnessing a rape in a past life.

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Before starting the regression, Leon says he would like to learn how to improve his relationship with his sister—and find out why he can't stand feeling any physical pressure on his chest. His next regression answers both of those questions—and sent chills up everyone's spines, including the cameramen.

Leon begins by telling Dr. Weiss he feels like he's kneeling and his body is swelling. "It was crushed," he says. "My whole body. ... It's a garbage compactor or something. A car crusher."

With Dr. Weiss's guidance, Leon recalls getting hit in the head while watching helplessly as a woman is being raped. Leon says he never saw the rapist because he was too far away. "I wasn't very brave," a crying Leon says.

Dr. Weiss tells Leon he couldn't have done anything to save her. "You couldn't have done anything. Even if you had tried to stop it, you probably would have been killed first, right?" Dr. Weiss says. "Let go of any guilt from that time."

Dr. Weiss asks if Leon knew the woman being raped. "It was my sister," Leon says.
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