Dr. Brian Weiss hypnotizes Leon.

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Dr. Weiss next brings Leon even further back...into a past life. "Be there," Dr. Weiss says. "What's happening to you?"

"I'm just floating. I'm on a plane. It's an old plane," Leon says.

Leon first says his plane is having trouble staying level. Then he says he sees smoke and other planes nearby. Dr. Weiss says he thinks Leon is describing a past life in which he is fighting on a war plane.

Leon says he's confused about who to shoot, and his plane gets hit. "It's my fault," he says. Dr. Weiss says, "Because Leon refuses to shoot his guns, his own plane crashes. I see his reluctance to kill others in this past life as the mark of an advanced soul. ... Leon has a fear of heights. He has a fear of drowning. This is where it comes from—from that past life."
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