Is Leon a candidate for past-life regression?

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One former Oprah Show guest seems like a perfect candidate for past-life regression therapy with Dr. Weiss. As a funeral home director, Leon—who had difficulty quitting smoking—is literally around death all the time. "We thought that he might have an interesting experience," Oprah says.

Leon says he has had a somewhat rocky relationship with his sister and dreams of flying almost every night.

"As I count backward now from five to one, go back into your childhood and let yourself remember a memory from when you were young," Dr. Weiss says to begin the hypnotism.

Leon says he remembers being 6 years old. "I remember my mother being gone one night, and they were telling me that she was going to bring a baby home," he says. He also remembers being sad because his older sister is teasing him.

"You don't need to feel sad because you can fix it," Dr. Weiss says. "You know the real core of it."
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