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Unplug Your Tech Distractions
A study showed that after using social media, over two-thirds of participants had trouble sleeping and 25 percent of those people also had problems with relationships because of their online behaviors. Take a social media hiatus by shutting down your accounts for a full day. Deactivating is easy to do on a short-term basis; you can reactivate after the cleanse without loosing any information. It can be as simple as logging out—that way you'll have to think twice before entering your password. You'll also want to disconnect to your phone. During this cleanse, only use your phone to make real person-to-person calls. Forget playing on apps or texting—only pick up the phone to speak with someone. You can even set cellphone-free times where you put your phone away. Without the distraction, you'll be more present in your relationships with your significant other, friends and family.
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