Raisin meditation

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Try the Raisin Meditation
Many people consider what they eat; yet few of us really focus on how we eat. When you direct your attention to the taste of your food, you at once calm and awaken your senses. Adapted from the old Buddhist teaching of mindful eating, this raisin meditation helps to change the way you eat.

1. Put the raisin in the palm of your hand and look at its color, size and shape. Notice its curves and wrinkles.
2. Touch the raisin's texture. Is it soft or smooth? Warm or cool?
3. Consider how you would describe the raisin's scent. What does it remind you of?
4. Put the raisin in your mouth, but don't bite it yet. Feel it against your tongue. Now go ahead and bite the raisin lightly, tasting and feeling the texture. Let it sit in your mouth for a few moments.
5. Slowly chew the raisin. Feel the flavor unfold with each bite. Be present for the entire process. Don't swallow right away; let the taste linger. Notice how the texture of the raisin changes as you chew.
6. Swallow the raisin.

You can put this same idea to work in your everyday life to focus on eating slowly and mindfully. Practice this during one meal a day.
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