Step 1: Tame that unruly in-box for good.

Finally, a way to snuff out spam before it reaches your in-box:, a new online service that spots newsletters in your Google, AOL, Windows Live, or Yahoo! e-mail account, removes your address from most mailing lists in one step. To deal with the messages you already have, though, remember to sort your e-mail weekly. As you click through each item, decide immediately if it should be archived, deleted, or replied to. File missives requiring a thoughtful answer in a separate folder until you have time to respond; if you're unsure which action to take, move the message to a way-station folder and revisit it during the next sort.

Step 2: Make the most of your apps.

Half of adult cell phone users have multiple apps on their devices, but of that group, 51 percent use only a handful of them more than once a week. Dump those you haven't opened for several days, and make sure the ones you keep are worthwhile. One we like: ShoeBox by 1000memories, a virtual scrapbook that allows you to scan and transmit high-quality digital images of mementos to the cloud, so you don't have to hang on to every last ticket stub, playbill, birthday card, and newspaper clipping you've saved over the years.

Step 3: Forget all those passwords—really!

OneID, a new service launching this spring, frees you from having to rack your brain for the pesky log-ins you use online. Unlike other password managers, which must be downloaded to each device you use to access your favorite Web sites and accounts, OneID provides a single digital ID that's automatically recognized on all your devices-no passwords necessary.

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