Final Tally 

Though the organic food market only accounts for 3 percent of the food products in America, Letton says awareness is increasing, as is access to affordable organic products. 

Rosenthal agrees. "We're really reaching a sea change," she says. "People are becoming more and more aware of avoiding toxic chemicals, whether it's in their food or in water bottles. We're starting to think a little bit more about what they're ingesting in a way we didn't necessarily think about before." 

Which of your favorite stars has gone organic?

For dinner tonight, consider an organic salad with fresh herbs followed by Wolfgang Puck's pan-roasted organic chicken with black truffle risotto!

If you're curious to learn more about what products mean when they're labeled "USDA Organic," we've got the answers and a few organic-friendly products for you.

Control garden pests with Barbara Ellis' recipe for organic soap-and-oil spray!


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