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A Cuff That's Like a Hug for Sore Knees
What: Cryo/Cuff, $80

What for: This cuff, a standard in knee surgeons' offices, is commonly recommended for injuries to the meniscus.

How it works: Picture an ice-filled blood pressure cuff—but designed to fit over your knee instead of your bicep.

Why it might help: The combo of compression and ice helps keep inflammation down, says Daniel F. O'Neill, MD, EdD, a New Hampshire orthopedic surgeon and the author of Knee Surgery, who uses this device with patients all the time. Less inflammation means less pain and more mobility, and that's key for long-term recovery. Any rehab plan for your knees needs to include stretches and exercises that will build strength and help with alignment and flexibility, O'Neill says. He recommends trying the cuff in the morning, when you're most likely to be stiff, as well as after finishing the rehab routine recommended by your physical therapist, to prevent inflammation and swelling.

One more thing: For compression and ice on-the-go, try these Dr. Cool freeze-and-wear recovery wraps (not as compressing, not as cold, but also not as bulky or pricey, $25–$35 each.)