This week was rather interesting in that I had some great success in redesigning my lifestyle and some crazy blunders. For the purposes of sharing my mistakes so that others don't make the same ones, I'll share the major "oops" of the week. It's for the good of the group, right? Here goes...

Yes, I fall on my sword. I admit it. I made a major mistake which I paid for on the treadmill the next day. A friend and I had a meeting at a coffeehouse in Brooklyn. As I was ordering my tea, I noticed this beautiful, shiny cake display that appeared to be calling my name in a soft whisper that only I heard. Since turning over a new leaf and fully immersing myself in this new lifestyle, cakes normally don't phase me. A good fruit salad is all I need to get my sweet tooth fix. But for some reason, while waiting for my tea, this cake—red velvet at that—knew just how to reach me.

Even though I kept turning away and tried distracting myself with other movements, the cake continued to get my attention. And then it happened...the cake put a sign on it that I was sure was done just for me. It read "vegan." In my moment of weakness (and stupidity), I rationalized that vegan meant sugar-free, fat-free and calorie-free. In that same moment, I ordered a slice to go with my tea. As I carried the cake to my seat, I thought that this was probably not a good idea. I shouldn't be doing this. For heaven's sake, I live a different lifestyle now, so I can't eat this thing...all by myself.

So, me being me, I went back...and asked for a second fork so my friend could share it with me. Now that's more like it. Together we devoured that cake! It didn't stand a chance. Who knew a vegan cake could be so good!

As I came down from my sugar high, the reality set in of how many minutes on the treadmill I would need to do to take off the calories that I just consumed. YIKES! Trust me, crime (like eating a slice of cake when you know you have no business eating it) doesn't pay! I've learned my lesson and now I'm reformed. Next time I'll remember that good tea can stand on its own!
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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