Week two in South Africa is great—a lot of work, but great. I think that the main reason why it has been so good is because it is so rewarding to be doing service for the people here. It seems simple or trivial, but to see the eyes of staff after we've completed repairing and redesigning their place gives me an inkling of how Nate must feel! The look on their faces and the appreciation that they have shown our group have made all of the effort worthwhile!

We're in Johannesburg now and I love it here. I could see living here for a little while. It feels very much like being back home. And there is a mall across the street from our hotel. Hello!

The challenge has been going against the grain of the crowd and making wise choices relative to eating. But I've been holding my own and asking for what I need. Sometimes I have had to go grab a meal on my own to make sure that I could do the right thing. I've even had to ask for vegetables at certain restaurants because they don't always offer them with the meals here. But potatoes and bread? They are giving those away! Oh, and even though I am in wine country, I have not had one drop of alcohol. See, Bob, I learned from my mistakes. I've also been finding space to work out at the gym in the hotel and I'm still doing hard labor at the sites that we are working with. Have I been perfect? No, but I have definitely been working hard and being a good representative of TBL challengers abroad!

Well, I am homebound soon and I'll get back to my normal routine. I intend to step up my exercises and try some new things. I also have met some new workout buddies on the trip, so we'll be making plans when I get back as well. Oh, and I plan to join a food co-op so that I can purchase organic produce. Yay! Onward and upward, right?

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