Dr. Oz recommends the best foods for healthy skin.

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Skin products don't have to be expensive, Dr. Oz says. "Most of the products we recommend are $10 or $12. Don't go for the marketing blitz," he says. "If there's retin in it, it has a vitamin A compound that we like. 'Ascorbic acid' is the word for vitamin C, and 'tocopherol' is the word for vitamin E. Those are the key ingredients to nourish your skin."

To ensure healthy skin, Dr. Oz says you need to eat right. "Avocados, soybeans and nuts all contain biotin, an essential vitamin for healthy skin," he says. "A lack of biotin has been known to cause dermatitis—swollen, itchy or extremely dry skin." 

Add salmon for skin elasticity, pomegranates to help produce more collagen and keep the skin looking young, and plenty of tomatoes. "Studies have shown that lycopene in tomatoes can protect your skin from aging by preventing sunburns," Dr. Oz says. "The most important thing with tomatoes is to make sure they're with oil. If you heat them up and mix them with oil, that's called pasta sauce."
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