Dr. Oz explains what causes puffy eyes.

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Many women complain about puffy eyes—even Oprah. Dr. Oz says undereye bags can be short-term or long-term. The short-term bags are caused by lack of sleep. "If you haven't slept all that long, that means you're stressed out," he says. "You start to swell because your body feels stress. Your ankles swell, and so does the tissue under your eyes." 

Everyone has natural fat around the eyes, Dr. Oz explains. "It cushions the eye so if you get hit, it protects the eye," he says. When people develop long-term undereye bags, it's usually because that fat begins to herniate. "The fat oozes out and starts to stick [under the eyes] because of gravity."

If your undereye bags come and go when you're sleep deprived, eye creams or cucumber slices can help. But Dr. Oz says the only true solution for long-term bags is plastic surgery. "Eyes are the first place you really see aging, and it's probably the safest [invasive] plastic procedure that there is," he says. "But I don't want you all running out to get it, because I think across the board women are more worried about the bags under their eyes than the men who love them are."
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