Dr. Evans examines Crystal's skin using the Visia Complexion Analysis System.

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Crystal has never been to a dermatologist before. Using the Visia Complexion Analysis System, Dr. Evans inspects Crystal's skin.

At the higher level on Crystal's epidermis, Dr. Evans finds dark marks. Going deeper, she finds lots of red marks on Crystal's dermis. "You see redness in these areas here," she says. "[That is] all the acne that's kind of underneath the skin that will be coming to the surface.

Dr. Evans also finds some evidence of sun damage on Crystal's skin, even though Crystal wears sunscreen and stays out of the sun. "[Acne] breaks down your defense to deal with the sun," she says. "If you have acne, you also need to use sunscreen. Not a moisturizing one that will cause you to break out more, but a gel one."

Finally, Dr. Evans suggests that Crystal use oil-free makeup and moisturizers. "Get a simple cleanser that is not too harsh and doesn't dry out your face and cause you to produce too much oil," she says.

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