Dr. Weiss and Dr. Oz

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As a heart surgeon, Dr. Oz says he has been around many patients who have described to him what their near death experiences feel like. Often, these experiences feature light, which they can either move toward or away from.

Dr. Oz says he distinctly remembers one of these patients, a Vietnam veteran who needed a mechanical support for his heart. Before the surgery, Dr. Oz went to visit this patient. "He said, 'Doc, I've been on battlefields when I should have died. I know when I'm going to die and it's not tomorrow,'" Dr. Oz says.

During the surgery, Dr. Oz says, there were serious complications. "He bled and bled and bled and for three days I had my arms in his chest. And by some miracle ... this gentleman survived and should not have," Dr. Oz says. "A couple days later, after he'd come back to his senses and I closed his chest, I asked him what he'd seen because I was so curious what gave him the fighting power for that long a period of time. And he said, 'All I saw was a light and I was in sort of Jell-O and I was moving back and forth and I knew if I lost the light, I'd be gone. But if I could get under it and focus on it, it would pull me up towards it. And that's what happened when I woke up and recovered from the operation.'" 

"I've heard similar stories too many times ... to write it off," Dr Oz says.
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