Dr. Weiss discusses cases of xenoglossy.

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For those who remain skeptical of the ability to tap into past lives, Dr. Weiss points to reported cases of xenoglossy—in which people fluently speak languages they had no knowledge of prior to their regression.

Dr. Weiss says he experienced a case like this with a Chinese surgeon who spoke no English when he met her. The surgeon didn't suffer from any phobias or other symptoms, but just wanted the experience, he says.

When they began her regression, Dr. Weiss says, they used an interpreter. "So we're doing this and she's in 1850 in Northern California having this argument with her husband and she begins to speak in very fluent and colorful English. And the translator doesn't realize at first what's happening so he begins translating the whole thing back into Chinese for me. So I have to say, 'Stop it. I understand  the English.' And then the look on his face—because she couldn't even say hello 20 minutes before that—he's ready to faint."
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