Dr. Oz

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Dr. Oz says he thinks there are three ways in which people could react after seeing Dr. Weiss perform a past-life regression on someone like Jodi. 

The skeptic might explain it away, saying Jodi is a person with needs who merely wishes the past-life regression can help her.

Another explanation could be that past-life regression is something much larger. "They might say that this is someone tapping into a collective unconsciousness," Dr. Oz says.

Or it could be explained by new theories in physics that say there could potentially be 11 dimensions instead of the three—length, width and height—we normally perceive. "Imagine that existence is really a series of shower curtains, each of which is a dimension, and sometimes those dimensions just ever so daintily touch and when they touch, weird things happen," Dr. Oz says. "Is it a black hole? Is it a spiritual vision? Is it a reincarnation?"

Dr. Oz says he does not know if what Dr. Weiss does is actually helping people look backward to past lives. "My thing is, what does it matter what you call it?" he says. "Does it matter if you call it a master or if you call it an angel?"
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