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They Think It's Crazy to Eat Nuts
The rationale: "Nuts are basically little fat pills."

The mistake: "I have a lot of clients who are still afraid to eat nuts," says nutritionist Keri Glassman—despite all the news about their high ratio of "good fats." Glassman reminds nut-o-phobes that fat is not only an essential nutrient, but it can also help them lose weight by filling them up and helping to satisfy cravings. One study found that participants who regularly snacked on almonds ate less for the rest of the day.

Try this: Choose almonds over less-nutrient-dense pretzels or fatty potato chips. Just be mindful of portion size: Glassman recommends a palmful of peanuts, almonds or cashews or two tablespoons of the spreadable stuff. If you're worried about overdoing it, stick with pistachios in the shell, because research has shown that shells serve as cues that signal us to stop snacking.

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