Your Office Enemy

This brings me to the third and final breakfast tip. Chances are that if you've deprived yourself of a morning meal, you'll be jonesing for a snack come midmorning. In most office places, the only options to satisfy your hunger come in foil wrappers behind the glass of a vending machine box. In almost every case, these treats are chock-full of simple carbohydrates and refined, processed sugars. Even the nut packs are coated in oil, loaded with sodium and preserved with chemicals your body does not want or need.

And now that we've just been over the role blood sugar plays in regulating your hunger and cravings over the course of the day, do you really want to go and set yourself up for a sugar spike roller coaster ride by beginning the morning with a bag of doughnuts? Nope!

Instead, you're going to make sure that, for those days when you really just can't spare the time for a homemade breakfast, you have the following items on hand in your office fridge:

Whole grain toast
Make sure you get whole grain, which is not the same as whole wheat. You really want to be able to see tiny grains and kernels in the bread so you know you're holding on to some of the fiber of the wheat.

Almond Butter
I like to mix in ground and whole flaxseeds for added fiber and omega fats.

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