It's 10 a.m., and between walking the dog, getting the kids off to school, putting a phone call in to your mom and sending out the first batch of e-mails, you haven't had time for breakfast. Sure, you've been up since 7 and maybe even squeezed in a workout, but who needs a square meal? It's only two more hours until lunch, so what's the difference?

This used to be me—minus the dog and kids part. I was a serial offender in the skipping breakfast department. We've all had the "most important meal of the day" line used on us before, but is breakfast really all that important?
My answer to you is: Yes!

Here are the three crucial things you need to remember every time you think about skipping breakfast. They helped me see the error of my ways—I now eat breakfast every day, even if it's just a handful of nuts or a yogurt on the go. You'll be munching and crunching every morning in no time.

How breakfast revs your metabolism all day


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