Photo: Jason Hornick

Kerry Castellini, 30
Washington, D.C.

Weight: 168
BMI: 30.7
Pant Size: 12

Weight: 145
BMI: 26.5
Pant Size: 8

"Consistent exercise has made me feel calmer yet also more energetic. My gym time has become my space for introspection. It's my 'day in review.' I think about what stressed me out, what I did right and wrong. All this reflection has helped me understand what I need to be happy, and I'm no longer afraid to ask for it. I know that I love reading, being outside, and spending time with my friends. Before boot camp, it was easy to sideline those things for all the stuff I had to do—work, networking. But making space in my life for my health has shown me you have to make space for your passions, too. Otherwise you'll just burn out."

Yolanda Duckworth

Photo: Shane Kislack

Yolanda Duckworth, 49
Shreveport, Louisiana
Hospital coordinator

Weight: 160
BMI: 31.2
Pant Size: 14

Weight: 130
BMI: 25.4
Pant size: 10

"By changing my diet and exercising, I've reduced my chances of getting diabetes and heart disease—both of which run in my family. That's been the big win: my health. I'm also more open emotionally now that I feel better physically. And I'm more connected. I speak to my friends (both near and far) more often, whereas before we only exchanged sporadic e-mails. I call them up because I have more things to talk about; my life is much busier now. I'm rediscovering my spirituality. I'm becoming a runner. Next on my list is finding a partner to share it all with. I know now that the best part of my life is yet to come."

Amy Reeves

Photo: Alex Martinez

Amy Reeves, 41

Weight: 140
BMI: 22.9
Pant size: 10

Weight: 123 BMI: 20.2
Pant size: 4

"My goal was not only to change my own life but to teach my kids how to change their lives. And I think we've accomplished that. We used to spend a lot of time in front of the TV. But since boot camp we'll spend our family time taking a walk or a bike ride, or cooking a healthy dinner together (fish and roasted sweet potato fries is our favorite). My husband and I have become each other's greatest motivators. We have a running joke now: When we're planning a meal or thinking about what we'll do with our day, someone will always ask, 'What would Bob do?' We have a full life, and we deserve it."