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The first thing you notice when you scroll through Nashville dietitian McKel Hill's feed is how colorful the images are. The next thing: There are doughnuts, ice pops and fudge. No wonder she has more than 200,000 followers.


To drink: After dietitian McKel Hill wakes up, she drinks about a liter of filtered water (that's the equivalent of two 16.9-ounce bottles) with lemon; then sips a cup of "Coffee Elevated," which is her version of Bulletproof Coffee. Hill makes this rich, frothy, caffeinated drink with coffee, coconut milk, coconut oil, medicinal mushrooms and stevia, and especially likes it before exercising.

To eat (after exercising): Hill has a Blue Morning Smoothie Bowl, a puree that begins with—we know this sounds weird—frozen zucchini. Coming up with healthy options for her clients, she discovered that, like bananas and avocado, zucchini, when frozen and blended, turns smoothies thick and creamy (with fewer carbs, sugar and fat). The other ingredients in her smoothie: coconut milk, chia seeds, cashew butter, spirulina powder (which gives the bowl a blue tint), and a few pinches of sea salt and cinnamon. She garnishes the whole thing with fruit.