Freeze-dried tangerines

Photo: Crispy Green, Inc.

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Add Crunch (Not Tons of Calories) to Salads and Desserts
Freeze-dried fruit seems like some sort of bizarre space-age snack, and while the process isn't something most of us would try at home (it involves freezing, slowly extracting the water content with a vacuum and then heating), the end result is a great alternative to fresh fruit. The process leaves the fruit crispy (unlike dehydrated—aka dried—fruit, which is chewy), and it's delicious in salads or on top of frozen yogurt. Crispy Green's Crispy Fruit, a line of snacks sold in Earth Fare, Harris Teeter, Martin's Food Markets, ShopRite and some Whole Foods locations, just released a new flavor, tangerine; a 40-calorie packet equals one serving of fruit.