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Raising the Bar for Under-Sink Space
Whether they're in your bathroom or kitchen, those little cabinets under your faucet can be a cleaning-solution hideaway: products go in, multiply with every "As Seen on TV" commercial (or half-off sale) you see and before you know it, you open the doors to an avalanche of all-purpose, lemon-scented, stain-fighting, odor-absorbing potions. One easy way to avoid being buried alive—and to maximize your storage space—is to install a tension rod inside the cabinet. Yes, the very same kind you'd use to hang a curtain. You can let spray bottles hang from their triggers along the rod, freeing up the bottom of the cabinet for your scrub brushes, garbage bags and other supplies. Before buying the rod, measure your cabinet and opt for a slightly longer size, so the rod won't collapse under the weight of the bottles, recommends blogger Jennifer Morris of Jen Thousand Words.