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This summer's Fancy Food Show featured everything from pickled Brussels sprouts to chipotle mayo and "drinking" vinegar. But the thing we were most taken by? The savory reinvention of foods that usually are sweet.

A Dairy Renaissance

"Yogurt doesn't have to be sweet" is the tagline from Brooklyn's Sohha yogurt—after all, it's really just milk that's been heated and then cooled, and Sohha's flagship product tastes simply (and wonderfully) tangy and salty. If you're game for even more of a departure from peach and strawberry, though, Sohha's "everything bagel" mix-in might be for you; it's made with pine nuts, poppy seeds, sesame, garlic and onion. Chobani is also using its plain yogurt in savory dips featuring roasted red peppers, chili, lime and smoked onion, among other ingredients; they're good for dipping chips or veggies into, spooning onto baked potatoes or serving with nachos.