Yoplait Smoothie

Just add juice or milk to these mixes, which include frozen berries and sweetened yogurt, to whip up a quick breakfast in your own blender. ($3.50; supermarkets)

Evol Mini Burritos

Snack-size burritos (each is around four inches long and 180 calories) are stuffed with Mexican-inspired, good-for-you ingredients, like free-range chicken, humanely raised Niman Ranch beef, and sautéed vegetables. ($2; supermarkets)

Sukhi's NaanWiches

An Indian-inspired sandwich features takeout favorites like chicken curry wrapped in flatbread. ($3; Sukhis.com for stores)

Seapoint Farms Edamame

Lightly salted soybeans are a good source of protein and fiber, and single-serving bags are easy to pack for work or school. ($4 for six; supermarkets)

Village Harvest Pourable Whole Grains

These bags of ready-to-microwave side dishes like brown rice, quinoa, and blends such as Spicy Thai cook up in less than a minute. (From $5; Whole Foods)

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