berry green smoothie

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The Berry-Filled Breakfast with a Green Secret
Standout Superfoods: Apple, beet, blueberries, kale, flax seeds
Health Benefits: High in good-for-the-gut fiber and inflammation-fighting antioxidants, apples are linked to lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The smoothie experts at Daily Harvest also add beets to this shake; they offer lots of fiber, folate, which may help lower the risk of colon cancer and osteoporosis, and beta-carotene (a vision booster)—plus, using just a quarter of a beet ensures your drink will taste just a touch sweet, and not too earthy. Blueberries can help combat inflammation with their sky-high antioxidant levels, while kale is high in vitamins A, C, and K and is a good source of calcium. Finally, flax seeds are loaded with heart-healthy omega-3s.

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green apple pie smoothie

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A Different Way to Enjoy Apples and Cinnamon
Standout Superfoods: Apple, spinach, and cinnamon
Health Benefits: You know about apples, so we’ll skip right to spinach in this treat of a smoothie from Daily Harvest. The salad staple offers omega-3s in addition to iron and magnesium. And some research suggests that daily doses of cinnamon may help diabetics control their blood sugar.

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chocolate cherry blitz smoothie

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The “Seriously, It’s Healthy!” Way to Eat Chocolate for Breakfast
Standout Superfoods: Cacao powder, spinach, chia seeds
Health benefits: The powder is high in flavonoids, antioxidants that may help lower blood pressure and inflammation. It also helps balance out the super-green ingredients—spinach and zucchini—in this smoothie from Sarah Wilson’s new The I Quit Sugar Cookbook. And speaking of greens, spinach has iron and magnesium, plus vitamin A and lutein, two nutrients that can help keep your vision sharp. Chia seeds are rich in fiber and protein, to help you feel fuller longer and stay energized, and turn pleasantly soft when you add them to liquids.

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mean lean green smoothie

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The Green Drink That Tastes Like a Milkshake
Standout Superfoods: Avocado, spinach, blueberries Health benefits: Avocado offers healthy fats and fiber, and gives this smoothie from V is for Vegan by Kerstin Rodgers a creamy texture. Spinach can help stave off low iron levels, which can lead to a lack of energy, headaches, and irritability. And green grapes, lemon juice and blueberries give the drink a subtle sweetness (plus, those blueberries fight inflammation, and eating them before and after a workout might help your muscles recover faster and lower levels of exercise-induced oxidative stress, according to one study.

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carrot cake smoothie

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The Drink For When You’d Rather Be Eating Cake
Standout Superfoods: Sweet potato, kefir
Health Benefits: We know you’re thinking “sweet potato in a smoothie?” but hear us out. These root veggies are high in beta-carotene, which helps maintain good eye health and may help lower the risk of breast cancer. They’re also high in fiber to help you feel more satisfied now and less likely to overeat later. Their candy-like flavor is perfect with the banana, pineapple and spice in this drink from Daily Harvest. Kefir offers protein and probiotics, which help maintain a healthy microbiome (research suggests that good gut bacteria may play a role in preventing autoimmune conditions, heart disease, and even mental health issues).

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A Reason to Rediscover a Forgotten Nut
Standout Superfoods: Brazil nuts, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries
Health Benefits: Brazil nuts usually just show up in nut mixes, yet these creamy tasting treats have heart-healthy unsaturated fat and an energizing 4 grams of protein in just 6 nuts. They’re also incredibly high in selenium, a mineral that helps prevent damage to your cells. With the one-two-three punch of berries in this refreshing drink from Eat to Stay Young by Gill Paul and Karen Sullivan, you also get vitamin C, fiber, and tons of antioxidants (blackberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits, after blueberries).

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matcha smoothie

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A Tea-Inspired Drink
Standout Superfoods: Matcha, Greek yogurt, mango
Health Benefits: Trendy matcha, which has floral, grassy notes, is rich in antioxidants, and you’d be hard pressed to find a smoothie ingredient with more protein than Greek yogurt. Meanwhile, this smoothie from Recipes From Many Kitchens author Valentina Rice also includes sweet mango, which has vitamin C to help you body put that protein to use, and vision-protecting vitamin A.

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