cauliflower soup

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The Smart Way to Get Smooth Soup
Creamed soups can sometimes be heavy; and, when you try to lighten them up with low-fat dairy, the soups become vulnerable to curdling. This creamed cauliflower soup, though, is thickened with potatoes and just a bit of full-fat cream, so it tastes silky without being overwhelmingly rich—and won't curdle as you're cooking. And don't be fooled by cauliflower's bland look; it contains a boost of vitamin C.

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lentil tomato soup

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A Traditional Recipe That Won't Disappoint
Classic lentil soup often includes sausage (and sometimes even hot dogs), but this one draws on one of our favorite flavor boosters—bacon.. You only need about four strips for the entire recipe, along with fiber-rich lentils, antioxidant-packed tomatoes and rice, which gives the soup a pleasant chewy texture.

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black bean soup

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The Hefty Meal You May Have Forgotten About
We tend to think of spinach and red meat as some of the best sources of iron, but beans are a terrific alternative. They're the key player in this Mexican-influenced soup, which also boasts garlic (an immune booster) and chilies (which have been found in studies to have myriad benefits, from reducing cravings to helping you burn a few more calories).

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green pea mint soup

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A Green Bowl That's Not the Same Old Same
Fresh mint and lots of lemon make this pea soup taste way fresher and zippier than the heavier version with which you may already be familiar. Plus, it's made with frozen peas—not dried split peas—so you get tons of vitamins A and C.

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A Nutritionist's Favorite Reinvented
Chickpeas—the main ingredient in hummus—may be the stars of this creamy, protein-packed soup, but they're not the only wholesome (and delicious) player. There's also a cilantro pesto that you swirl in before serving, made with the vibrant green herb, as well as almonds, jalapeƱo, lemon juice and garlic.

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An Eastern Spin on an Old Favorite
This Asian-accented lentil soup is full of spices, from cinnamon, which may lower your diabetes risk, to turmeric, which researchers have found could help reduce the risk of arthritis, to bacteria-fighting coriander. And instead of topping your bowl with croutons, you garnish the dish with small cubes of crispy fried tofu.

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The Chili Alternative
This tomato-based tortilla soup is a terrific substitute for heavy chili, since it features similar flavors—chili powder, cayenne, cumin—and also plays well with fixings such as avocado, cilantro, sour cream, shredded cheese and lime. And the tomatoes provide a good dose of vitamin C.

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A Subtly Sweet Way to Get More Fiber
This easy and tasty soup starts with roasted sweet potatoes, garlic and onion; in the oven, the potatoes turn mellow and sweet. Combine them with turmeric, a dash of cayenne pepper, lime juice and olive oil, and you've got a warm and lightly spiced bowl that also delivers plenty of soluble fiber (thanks to the sweet potatoes), thereby helping to regulate blood sugar.

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One More Twist in the Lentil-Soup Story
Here's yet another way to enjoy lentils: with an equal amount of carrots, so you can get your beta-carotene fix. In this easy recipe, you grate the root vegetable then cook it with garlic, ginger and other aromatics. The harissa toasts that accompany the soup provide a welcome crunch.

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