Blueberry Brain Boost Smoothie

Photo: Jennifer Altman

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The 45-Second Smoothie
Rooting through the fridge, rinsing berries, and peeling and chopping mangoes isn't a part of our typical Monday morning agenda, and we're guessing it's probably not on yours either. Instead, stock up on fruit when you see it on sale and then bring it home and prep (chunks are fine, as are whole bananas; just wash and peel everything). We also like Sambazon's organic Smoothie Packs with unsweetened açaí; add whatever fruits or natural sweeteners you'd like. Store it all in a zip-top bag or measure out portions into smaller bags if you prefer. In the morning, pour juice or milk into the blender; then add the solids (it blends better this way) and gradually raise the motor's speed until the drink is at the right consistency for you to sip through a straw. Pour the smoothie into a double-wall insulated cold cup with a lid and straw (like this one) and off you go.

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