mini cheesecakes

Photo: Ella Leché

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The Little Cheesecake with Big Surprises
Fruit and nuts can come together in some pretty untraditional ways—and the results are often mind-blowing. Take this unusual (and delicious) take on cheesecake, from Cut the Sugar, You're Sweet Enough, by Ella Leché. The filling is made with cashews that you've soaked in water, along with coconut oil, maple syrup, water and lemon zest—so it's much lighter than a typical cheesecake, yet still creamy and sweet. The crust is a tasty mix of almonds, dates and dried cranberries. You make diminutive, two-inch cakes in a silicone muffin pan, so they're easy to pop out. Top them with raspberries, lemon zest and mint leaves for a bright and fresh ending to any meal.

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