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Start small.
Lindsay Livingston, a registered dietitian in Columbus, OH, is just like the rest of us: She sees all those gorgeous Instagram posts of an entire week's worth of food laid out. But the reality is, those pictures—and that prep—can also be pretty intimidating. So, instead of attempting to plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for five or seven days, she says, start with the meal that you struggle with the most. If you're often dashing out with no time for breakfast, try to set up just a week's worth of a.m. meals by making a big batch of oatmeal, or some muffins or waffles, you can freeze and defrost individually. Or, if you tend to hit the vending machine for snacks, prepare a bunch of hard-boiled eggs and grab one on your way out the door each morning for when your stomach starts to growl.