After more than 30 years in Hollywood, Rob Lowe is coming clean. From his days as a teen heartthrob to life on the set of The West Wing, Rob is holding nothing back in his can't-put-it-down autobiography, Stories I Only Tell My Friends.

In this juicy page-turner, Rob shares revealing celebrity scoop, sexual escapades—with women like actress Melissa Gilbert and Princess Stéphanie of Monaco—and dark secrets. He even opens up about his recovery from alcohol addiction and the explosive sex tape scandal that sent him into hiding.

At age 47, Rob says he decided to sit down and write about his highs, his lows and his enduring love for the woman he says helped save his life. "One of the gifts of writing is you learn things," he says. "And I learned the real reason I'm writing this book now is because it's hopefully a handbook for my children to understand Dad."


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