Donald and Susan show Oprah how to make a Cold Stone creation.

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Today, Cold Stone is a $500 million franchise with more than 1,400 stores worldwide.

One of the reasons why Cold Stone is so successful, the Sutherlands say, is because it's more than just ice cream. Cold Stone creations are an experience—an experience Oprah's getting her very first taste of!

Donald and Susan show Oprah how to create a customized ice cream concoction. Oprah chooses her base ice cream flavor—pumpkin. Then, she chooses pecans, graham crackers and caramel as her toppings. Donald, Susan and Oprah place a scoop of the ice cream on a frozen granite countertop and mix all of these fabulous flavors together with two metal spades.

Cold Stone is a sensation that tickles more than just your taste buds. Because Cold Stone employees have such big personalities, they'll sing a song if you leave them a tip!