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Melon That Looks (Almost) Too Good to Eat
It can be tricky to get uniformly cut pieces of cantaloupe or honeydew when using a knife—but with a spiralizer, you'll end up with eye-catching strands you can use in a multitude of dishes. Here's how: First, cut off the peel using a sharp vegetable peeler or a chef's knife. Next, put the entire peeled melon into the spiralizer and start spinning, using the spaghetti mode. Once you're midway through the fruit, release it from the spiralizer and scoop out the seeds with a spoon; then place it back in and continue spinning. The fruit noodles (froodles?) are a beautiful way to jazz up a yogurt and granola breakfast bowl, and are delicious with torn pieces of prosciutto, or feta and basil in a salad.