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The Avocado-Toast Slice
Fanned-out slices of perfectly green avocado wedges are a sight to behold, not to mention the golden ticket to a gorgeous Instagram. The trick to getting it right, surprisingly, is in the second cut. Go ahead and make that first incision from top to bottom; but then, rather than cutting back up the other side, rotate the fruit (yes, it's technically a fruit) a quarter-turn and make another top-to-bottom cut. Continue around the avocado until you've segmented it into quarters; if the avo is ripe, three of the quarters should fall away, leaving one piece with the pit attached. You'll be able to remove the pit with your hand, instead of attempting the feat with a knife, which, unless you're a chef, usually ends badly. Starting from the top, gently pull off the skin from each piece. Then slice to your liking (such as uber-thin, for the trendy avocado carpaccio we've been seeing everywhere lately).