Why We Love It

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a better catch than salmon. Its flavor ranges from mild and delicate to full- bodied and fishy—in the best way. Raw or smoked, it’s like silk on the tongue (lox being the reason Sundays were invented), but turn up the heat and you’ll reveal its crisp-skinned, tender-fleshed glory. No wonder we’re hooked.

Salmon Fun Facts

  • Salmon skin contains many of the fish’s heart-healthy omega-3s (thanks to all the plankton it consumes in the wild). Dry fillets with paper towels to ensure maximum crispiness, then cook the skin side longer (about 6 minutes) than the flesh side (about 2 minutes).

  • Ask your fishmonger if your salmon comes from a sustainable fishery, since wild populations are threatened in some areas. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, Alaskan salmon is the most eco-friendly wild variety.

  • Salmon is high in vitamin D, a nutrient that may help ward off colds and flus, according to a recent global study from Queen Mary University of London.

  • Prep School: To remove pesky pin bones (the long, fine buggers that run down the center of the fillet), push from underneath until they protrude, then use clean needle-nose pliers (or tweezers, in a pinch) to pull them out in one steady tug.

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