Silicone egg poachers

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Silicone Egg Poachers
A warm poached egg with a gooey yolk is a thing to behold, whether eaten with crunchy sourdough toast or gently laid atop a frisée salad. You can make one in a pan of barely simmering water with a splash of vinegar, though it can be difficult to prevent flyaway strands of egg white. And egg poacher pans are foolproof, but take up valuable cabinet space. That's why we love these flexible cups, which allow you to float and poach an egg in a small saucepan of boiling water, like a lily pad on a pond. You can also use them to make small desserts or melt chocolate chips.
Size: They only come in one size, in sets of two.
Make sure to...coat the cups with nonstick spray or rub some oil inside so the eggs release easily.
But don't...try to grip the edges with a potholder to remove them from the pot; the pods are too small. The best way we've found is to slide a chopstick through two of the three holes (which are meant to keep the pod in place when you put it in the top rack of your dishwasher) and lift.
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