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A Perfectly Tropical Treat
Lime and coconut flavors just feel so right anytime there's sand between your toes. These fiber- and vitamin-rich energy balls incorporate both ingredients, as well as almond meal (or ground almonds), maple syrup, almond milk and chopped dates. You form the mixture into balls, roll them in more shredded coconut and lime zest and keep them chilled until you're ready to enjoy.

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A Trio You May Not Have Tried Before
These salty-sweet snacks on sticks are incredibly flavorful and ridiculously easy to make—just thread a thin slice of cold roast beef onto a toothpick, along with a bit of tangy blue cheese and a green grape. Talk about bang for your buck: There's so much deliciousness here that a little bit goes a very long way. A quarter-pound of roast beef should be more than enough for a substantial snack for you and three friends. Assemble the bites ahead of time, stack them in a plastic container with a lid and slip it into your cooler.

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Fresh Fruit with an Intriguing Twist
It may sound bizarre, but freshly ground black pepper and cantaloupe go surprisingly well together. Add some fresh mint to brighten everything, and you've got a refreshing and zippy snack that stands up beautifully even if you make it hours ahead. Just keep the melon balls chilled—and maybe bring some forks or toothpicks for serving.

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A Healthier Version of an Old-Fashioned Treat
Nutritionists often mention popcorn as an ideal snack for when they're craving something crunchy. And no wonder: You can eat a lot of it (as much as three cups) with it still being healthy (i.e., low in calories and fat but high in fiber). Start with air-popped popcorn, then mix in some sliced, or chopped, nuts for added protein.

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A Dip Worth Taking a Break from Peanut Butter For
Rich yet virtuous, this nutritious reinvention of chocolate-hazelnut butter is perfectly packable (just put it in a small container with a lid and store it in a cooler) and ready for dipping; apple slices pair especially well. The surprise ingredient: black beans, which are loaded with protein to keep you feeling full but not overstuffed.

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The Energy Jolt Without the Crash
Keep a few of these addictive bars in your beach bag and you won't be tempted by the ice cream truck. Dried cherries, sesame seeds and walnuts make for a sweet-savory mix that stays bound together with coconut butter and either agave nectar or honey.

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The Cocktail Party Snack That Works Anywhere
Cherry tomato, baby mozzarella (aka bocconcini) and basil skewers are one of our go-to bites for parties, since they're easy to make ahead of time and everyone seems to love them. But the low-carb snack is also fantastic for a day at the shore, packed in a cooler, whether you're sipping water or a glass of prosecco.

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A Supplement to Chugging H2O
We know staying hydrated is key when spending hours outside on a hot and sunny day, but in addition to guzzling water, water-packed fruits and vegetables will help quench your thirst. Two we love are cucumber slices (they're 95 percent water) and watermelon (91 percent water).