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A New Approach to a Familiar Veg
Cauliflower, the latest "It" vegetable, is going strong—and in the revised 10th-anniversary edition of How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Mark Bittman shows us a way to cook it that we'd never tried before. You heat oil in a skillet, add bite-size cauliflower florets, salt and a cup of water and quickly cover the pan. As the veg cooks, you shake the pan occasionally, until it's just tender (about five minutes). Then you remove the pot lid and continue cooking until the water evaporates and the cauliflower starts to brown. Thanks to this steam-searing technique, the florets are soft on the inside, with a slightly crisp exterior. Garlicky bread crumbs, black olives and a splash of vinegar complete the dish with a briny and crunchy finish.

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