Le Tub burgers

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After carrying the GQ article around in her purse for months, Gayle finally made it to the top of the list! She traveled all the way to Hollywood, Florida, for a taste of the number one burger in the nation.

From the outside, you may never guess that Le Tub is home to such a prestigious patty. Gayle says this burger joint has a lot of character...one of the first things she noticed was a decorative toilet seat outside the door filled with mulch! Thankfully, Gayle didn't travel hundreds of miles for the ambiance. She's here for the famed Sirloin Burger!

Steve, Le Tub's owner and burger cook, knows exactly what makes his hamburgers so special. "We use fresh-ground sirloin," he says. "We never freeze anything—it's all fresh!"

Secret seasonings also help make these slow-cooked burgers a big hit. "That is very, very, very good," Gayle says after biting into the number one burger. "Bravo, Le Tub. Bravo!"

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