Louis' Lunch burgers

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Back in Connecticut, Gayle didn't have to go far from home to satisfy her hankering for a hamburger. Louis' Lunch, located in New Haven, serves up number 20 on the list.

Louis' Lunch, which was established in 1898, prepares their specially blended beef fresh every day. Once the patties are perfect, they're cooked sideways in a stove that's more than 100 years old. Jeff, the owner, says this is the same stove his great-grandfather used to cook the very first "hamburger sandwich."

In keeping with tradition, you won't find any buns in this burger joint. Jeff's great-grandfather put the first Louis' Lunch burger between two slices of bread and that's how they serve them today. Don't ask for mustard or ketchup either—these hamburgers are served with cheese, tomatoes and onions only!