Gayle King

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She's finally ready to share her secret obsession! Gayle King, Oprah's best friend, is totally hung up on finding the best burger in America! After reading an article in GQ magazine called "20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die," Gayle made it her mission to sink her teeth into every all-beef patty on the list.

The culinary quest began with a three-hour train ride from Gayle's home in Connecticut to Philadelphia, where she headed straight to Rouge, home of the number four burger on the list. "Let's just say it was worth the day trip," she says with a grin.

Before Oprah's cameras joined Gayle on her journey, she hit three other hamburger hot spots. In Chicago, Gayle headed to Poag Mahone's for the 18th best burger in America. Then, it was off to The Counter in Santa Monica, California, where she chowed down on number 15. Moving up the list, Gayle noshed on number nine at New York City's Burger Joint, located inside Le Parker Meridien Hotel.