Greek salad sandwich

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A Dish You'll Reluctantly Try—Then Be Hooked on Forever
Salad sandwiches are nothing new—hello, egg and tuna—but a Greek salad between two slices of bread? Now you've got our attention. To make this genius creation, spread a tangy garlic-mayo dressing on pita or naan, then top with a mixture of thinly sliced cucumbers, halved grape tomatoes, slivers of red onion, chopped romaine and crumbled feta. Roll and eat or serve open-face on a plate. Don't be too hard on yourself for not realizing sooner what an amazing mash-up this is.

Get the recipe: Greek Salad Sandwich with Creamy Lemon Dressing
Cider French Dip Sandwich

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The Updated Diner Classic
Chef Dale Levitski puts a modern twist on the old-school French dip. His take includes a slaw made with julienned carrots and apples and a sauce that has a tangy kick, thanks to apple cider.

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The Jerk Turk Sandwich

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A Reason to Roast Turkey in June
Although Chef Jeff Mauro created this hot-and-cool combo to use up Thanksgiving leftovers, it's so tasty you won't want to wait until November to make it. He rubs a potent Jamaican jerk spice blend on the meat, then cools it down with slices of fresh mango.

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Prosciutto and Provolone on Sourdough Bread

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A Grilled Cheesy-Ham Sandwich
Small but flavorful touches—such as spreading a mixture of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and minced garlic on slices of sourdough bread, and then grilling them until toasted—elevate a traditional ham-and-cheese to new levels. Using prosciutto, provolone and watercress doesn't hurt, either.

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Shrimp Salad Sandwich with Red Chili Mayonnaise

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The Bargain Shopper's Lobster Roll
Shrimp salad dressed in an ancho-chili-and-lime sauce, buttered buns grilled or broiled until lightly golden and a topping of crumbled blue corn chips make this one outrageous sandwich that isn't just cheaper than a lobster roll, but much easier to make, too.

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Hudson Valley Club Sandwich

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A Tastier, Healthier, New Go-To Club
This healthy redo of the standard chicken club sandwich starts with a savory spread made from white beans, garlic, wine, rosemary and lemon juice. The fillings are equally novel: alongside the traditional romaine, tomato, red onion and bacon are avocado and alfalfa sprouts.

Get the recipe: Hudson Valley Club Sandwich

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