Mushroom tart with coconut oil

Photo: © Kathleen Finlay

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A Lighter Veggie Tart You'll Devour
If you're making a savory tart, flaky phyllo dough is a brilliant alternative to a traditional pie crust. The only catch is, most recipes have you brush each layer with melted butter. Using melted coconut oil works just as well; and, in this case, tastes even better. That's because it beautifully complements this tart's toppings, which are much lighter than your typical bacon, ham or cheese. The first layer is a caramelized onion cream made with onions, garlic and coconut milk; then you arrange shaved zucchini, thinly sliced green onions and sliced mushrooms on top. After baking, you scatter arugula over everything and you've got a pizza-like dish that tastes fresh and not at all weighed down.

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