Photo: Susie Cushner

A Chicken Dish We're Programmed to Go Bananas For
Few foods have a smell that intoxicates the senses as much as bacon does). You can harness this power by incorporating the salty, smoky meat into an ooey, gooey casserole, which combines crisp, chopped bacon with sweet potatoes, sautéed chicken breasts seasoned with sage and thyme and a creamy white sauce. It's even better with a glass of sparkling wine (the bubbles are a lovely complement to salty, crunchy foods.)

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Photo: Susie Cushner

The Eye-Opening Supper
You and your sweetheart may think you've tried every possible iteration of meatballs—pork, slow-cooker, no-roll—but we have one that may be new to you, and that could be just the thing to rekindle your admiration for the dish. This no-fuss yet impressive casserole starts with bite-size meatballs made from ground lamb and seasoned with cumin, paprika, salt and cayenne pepper. You nestle them into a baked, golden yellow-rice (scented with saffron) pilaf during the last few minutes of cooking, which makes for a stunning presentation.

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The Dinner That Reminds You of Home
Whether or not you grew up eating pot pie, it's hard to dismiss the dish's reputation for instilling feelings of nostalgia. If that leads to a conversation about your most treasured memories, or any of the other personal topics on this list, great...but even if it doesn't, it's hard to argue with the deliciousness of this wonderful meal, which is doable even for pot-pie newbies. The from-scratch crust comes together with just four ingredients (one of which is ice water). And the filling gets mega-flavor from sausage, which is already seasoned. Thinly sliced fennel and grated apple also pull their weight, adding a subtly sweet note.

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The Hands-On Dessert That Just Feels Romantic
As much as we love the idea of aphrodisiac foods (hello, oysters and chocolate!), there isn't much scientific data supporting them. The placebo effect can be powerful, though, so if a person eats one of these foods and thinks they're going to become a better lover, why not? And so, we present this s'mores casserole, with its melty marshmallows, warm chocolate and crispy graham crackers coming together in an unbeatable combination that you can make even if there's no campfire in sight.

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