We know, we know. There are certain stunts television producers pull that scream "jump the shark." It's that moment when cousins Oliver (Brady Bunch) or Pam (The Cosby Show) arrive. Or when a will-they-or-won't-they couple finally does, like Who's the Boss's Tony and Angela. Or when The Fonz, literally, jumped a shark. Some of you TV viewers might consider sleeping with a ghost, as Izzie did on Grey's Anatomy last season, a shark-jumping gimmick. But we're here to convince you...okay, beg you...to give our beloved Seattle Grace another chance. Here's why:

1. Shonda Rhimes is a genius. She dreamed up the world of these sexy surgeons (hello, McSteamy!) back in 2003, when she was working from home as a newly single mom of an adopted daughter. Once she got the show off the ground, she headed up a team of writers who believed in their characters and treated them like friends—writers who were so respected that their writers' blog was almost as successful as the show itself. Almost. Those early writers—Krista Vernoff, Mark Wilding—are still there and still introducing us to terms like "va-jay-jay" and "dark and twisty."

2. A whole new cast of characters! Did you get sick of Burke? George? Izzie? No worries, they're gone! Well, to be clear, Izzie's not officially out. Yet. But rumors are swirling, and between Katherine Heigl's maternity leave and movie filming schedule, she's been on very few episodes this season. In their place, we have Dr. Arizona Robbins, pediatric surgeon extraordinaire; Dr. Owen Hunt, a sexy-damaged Iraq war vet; and a whole slew of Mercy West residents.

3. A cathartic sobfest every week. Seriously. There's nothing like a good cry to unwind after a long week, and Grey's provides just the ticket. It's really the perfect release. Almost inevitably, someone dies—but (usually) no one you know! —and someone learns to appreciate all that the wonderful world has to offer when McDreamy pulls through with a miraculous save in the final six minutes.

4. Hot. Sexy. Doctors.


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