In Morning Glory, Harrison Ford plays Mike Pomeroy, a curmudgeonly nightly news icon who's recruited to anchor a failing morning talk show opposite Diane Keaton's chatty Meredith Vierra wannabe. Rachel McAdams plays Becky Fuller, Daybreak's young and overeager new executive producer. This Hollywood trifecta cast (Bonus! Modern Family's Ty Burrell plays a small role too!) makes this heartwarming comedy a must-see. talked to Harrison Ford about the ever-grumpy Mike Pomeroy and when we'll see Indiana Jones again.
Rachel Bertsche: Your character, Mike Pomeroy, is kind of grumpy and arrogant. And yet you admit there is some of you in him. How so?

Harrison Ford: You only have your own experience and personality to work with, so when I say that there's a bit of me in him I mean that I recognize the human instinct. I recognize the kind of behavior that Mike Pomeroy exhibits, and I understand why he would be anxious in the circumstances that he's in. I recognize why he would behave that way. I would not behave that way. He is an ass, but the movie needs an ass. It needs him being an ass to become affected by the relationship with the character that Rachel [McAdams] plays and for him to affect her. It was a combination of their antipathy and the fact that despite that they were able to have an emotional relationship that I thought was the great opportunity of the character.


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