Jamie Oliver wants to change the way this country eats—and he's starting in the most overweight city in America. Read a Q&A from Jamie about the final episode of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution.
Q: The final episode starts with some major victories for your campaign. How did it feel when Doug Shields from Cabell County Hospital said that they would donate $80,000 to support the school kitchen food program, then revealed they were donating another $50,000 on top of that?

A: It felt incredible because I'd been running around in circles trying to find cash locally to make this important project sustainable. I wanted to give Huntington a fighting chance so they could succeed in getting school food changed and keep the community kitchen up and running. I've seen the successes we've had in England over the last five years, so I know for a fact that good food really does change people's lives.

When Doug got the extra check out, that was just brilliant. It meant we could carry on with the work that we were doing with the community. I'm so appreciative of the efforts of Doug and the Cabell County Hospital. Local hospitals are undoubtedly under strain, and the fact that this one is supporting a project like this is great. It benefits them and the community they treat because the hospital can use the kitchen as an additional resource. It means when they treat people with diet-related illnesses they don't just have to send them home afterward—they can refer them to the kitchen so they can start to learn the basics of shopping and cooking for themselves and make important changes.


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