NYT Minus Context

Photo courtesy of NYT Minus Context

Phrases lifted from The New York Times read like tiny found poems: "mustachioed, somewhat hapless"; "goat squeals become goat roars."
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Photo courtesy of Neil deGrasse Tyson

America's preeminent astrophysicist ponders the mysteries of the universe, tells a lot of dad jokes ("I wonder what referees look like to zebras").
Preschool Gems

Photo courtesy of Preschool Gems

A teacher reports the adorbs bon mots overheard at work: "Why does the dog have a butt?" "I've been longing and longing to see a germ."
Emergency Kittens

Photo courtesy of Emergency Kittens

For times when you need to see a photo of a furry cutie trying to groom its face—like NOW.
Eliza Bayne

Photo courtesy of Eliza Bayne

The performer and comedy writer is always good for a rock-solid one-liner: "Frankly I prefer the original BBC version of me."