Sometimes my couch surfing annoys my wife. Most nights after dinner, we watch a little television together. While her attention is fully on the program du jour, I always divide my time between television and computer. If I were a betting man, I'd wager that this coming Sunday night won't be any different.

Based on findings from market research firm In-Stat, I'm not alone. An estimated 66.3 million Americans are simultaneously using their computers while watching television (I just shared that stat with my wife in hopes of buying more keyboard time).

By looking at search term traffic surrounding the 82nd Academy Awards®, this could be the perfect time to partake in Internet-television multitasking. Well in advance of its airdate, we're already seeing substantial search volume on the upcoming Academy Awards. What are people looking for?

Top 10 "Academy Awards" Search Topics:
  1. Academy Award Nominations
  2. When are the Academy Awards
  3. Academy Award Predictions
  4. Past Academy Awards
  5. Academy Awards Red Carpet
  6. Academy Awards Gift Bags
  7. Academy Awards Host
  8. Academy Awards Party Recipes
  9. Academy Awards Dresses
  10. Academy Awards Tickets
Source: Experian Hitwise


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